About Us

We are a group of young passionate entrepreneurs, (frustrated 9-to-5 corporates) wanting to a make an impact in the Merchandising industry. (Honestly didn't go beyond ctrl C, ctrl V). We find a trend where people want to express their views, emotions and moments through clothing and accessory they carry. We intend to make an impression by offering them products to do the same, whether it is expressing their feelings for their crush by wearing a T-shirt on a date or “Taunting the BOSS” through a coffee mug (Believe us one of the founders has daringly been there and done that. Do you want to know what happened later, well he is writing this section for the website). We want to be seen everywhere. If you want work with us, feel free to ping us. We have literally taken the work from home concept to a next level. If you are digital artist, feel free to ping us and tell us why you want to stay at home and work, and we just might say Tathastu.